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Successfully Arranged ‘Tere Bina’ by Sagar Gupta Feat. Aisha Mishra

Another milestone for us, APAF successfully arranged Tere Bina Feat. Aisha Mishra. The track is written and composed by Sagar Gupta. This is the second time APAF arranging songs for Sagar Gupta. The track is pretty simple, clear and quite in a chill mood to listen to. The bond between Sagar and APAF has now become strong since this is the second time he has relied on us to work upon with. APAF feels really honored to work with talented songwriters like Sagar Gupta.

Track Title: Tere Bina Composed and Written by: Sagar Gupta Sung by: Aisha Mishra Music and Arrangement: Amal Antony (APAF)

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