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Neumann.Berlin-Sennheiser Product Showcase Exclusive Event @Kochi

APAF had an exclusive invite from Neumann.Berlin/ Sennheiser to attend product showcase event held at The Mercy Luxurious Business Hotel, Kochi.

We had an opportunity to listen to the legendary Neumann KH 120 Paired along with KH 810 at the Event. We admit it is one heck of an German engineering. What made us to get impressed was the sound which was coming out of it....clear, crisp and clean audio. The 120's were placed on Neumann stands and it was the quite a big hall where the event took place. The best part... We were able to hear the same crisp and clean audio in a decent level even in the last row. Thanks to the 100W Bi- Amplifier.

APAF had an opportunity to talk to Mr. Jibu Ramachandran, Product Manager at Neumann.Berlin, who was leading the session. Learnt some new tips and tricks from the Neumann Team.

APAF is thankful to Mr. Vinay U, Engineer and Business head (Pro Audio) at Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai and to Mr. Biju Scaria, Head at Media Team Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kochi for giving us an exclusive invitation to be a part of this event.

Really was a great session to get inspired more into getting #Neumann and #Sennheiser products. Cuz its worth it!!

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