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Web Series: 'Picture Perfect' by Kavya Sudhakar

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Pro Audio Factory India is now currently working with Bond Creations on a brand new web series project called 'Picture Perfect' both in Kannada and Telugu Language. 'Picture Perfect' is written by Kavya Sudhakar. Features Jagdish RJ, Shruti, Sagar Raj, Dhanu Gowda and Murali. Music and Original Score of this series is by Riyo Antony (a.k.a Rio_Musix). Most of his compositions, arrangements and recording is at Pro Audio Factory, Coimbatore.

This is the second web series project of Pro Audio Factory within this year after 'Average Ambili'. The first teaser of 'Picture Perfect' is mixed by Amal Antony, Chief Mix Engineer, Pro Audio Factory, Kochi. All of the songs in this series are mixed and mastered here at Pro Audio Factory, Kochi.

This series will only be streaming exclusively on YouTube and is expected to release within this year. Kudos to the 'Perfect Picture' team and Pro Audio Factory India wishes you all the very best.

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